Friday, November 5, 2010

Book Collector Pro:TOS Review

The Product

Book Collector Pro is a book database software that allows you to catalog each book that you own. You can catalog your books on PC, Mac or online. The software will automatically upload book details & cover art, just enter titles or scan ISBN barcodes.


A snippet from the website:

Book Collector : Downloadable software for PC or Mac

•Create and manage a personal book database on your own PC or Mac
Book Collector is downloadable software. Browse your collection while offline.
•Fast and full featured desktop software
 View collection stats, print lists, manage loans, export to XML, CSV, HTML, and more...
•Catalog your digital book files automatically, just scan your hard-disk
Link audio book and eBook files to your book entries

Book Collector
The McMama Experience
Although I wasn't sure how needful this product would be for me this has been a neat tool to have. I was impressed with how easy it was to insert each book’s information into this program. Although the program is designed to also be used with a book scanner (which would have been so neat to use! all I had to do was insert the ISBN number and then the program would search for my book’s information. It probably took me a little longer than those who had a scanner but it wasn’t a problem as the program searches pretty quickly.
Once all info. was found I would then go and create folders for each genre and file the books that way.
This would be useful to have if you are like me and own TONS of books! It was neat for me to be able to see all of my books sectioned by genre into a pie chart  or a bar graph and it would be so helpful for insurance purposes as well.
I really like how you can view your book collection by publisher, publication year, author even language for those of us who have books in other languages and many more.
You can easily keep track of books that you’ve loaned out by filing them in the Loaned To folder. This is an awesome tool for such a forgetful person as myself!
I honestly haven't been able to take advantage of the many wonderful features to this software as I am kinda slow to learn when it comes to things like this but I am sold on the benefits of owning this type of software. (One small step towards organization one giant leap for my kind!!) :)

Statistics showing all genres

Go here to see screen shots and features.

The Breakdown
Very easy to use.
Helps organize an otherwise “disastrously disorganized” area of our lives my life.

Some older books were lacking in information. (Although I personally had very few of these problems.)

Book Collector Pro sells for $49.95
Check out their prices for their many other collectors products and scanners available from their website.

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