Friday, March 19, 2010

Egypt unit study

I know that it has been a LOOOOONG time since I've posted-no real excuses just been very busy! But in a nutshell here is what we've been up to in our homeschool:We took a break from our lovely Heart of Dakota material for two weeks and worked on a unit study from Galloping the Globe. GtG is a book full of unit study ideas for countries around the globe. It is a great book and I had planned to work through this book last summer but as things go around here we never were able to get around to it! I was very excited to finally be able to work through some of the activities from it!I asked the girls which country they would like to learn about and they decided on Egypt. I was excited about this because I knew it would be easy to tie it in with the Bible. I decided to go with the 2 week plans so that we could take our time with this study. I am glad we did because, for us, 1 week would have not been enough time to really do this country justice.There are so many activities that we were able to do in this study!! Of course we learned some geography; where the country is, what rivers and oceans are near it, and some basic mapping exercises. We learned some science; the climate of Egypt, animals that are native to the country, and how to construct pyramids. We learned about the religion of the Ancient Egyptians, modern-day Egyptians and how that compares with our own faith. (That was one of my favorite days!!) We also learned how the ancient Egyptians lived, how important the Nile River was to them and their process of mummyfying their Pharaohs. And what study would be complete without costumes?! We did all of that!! It was great, the kids had a blast and learned a lot about this country!! The girls complete a notebook along with this study so that they would have a place to keep all of their work and of course be able to review it over and over each time they take their notebooks out!This was a great study and I highly encourage anyone wanting to incorporate unit studies into their homeschool to take a look at GtG. I am glad that we did!!

Here is a slide show of some of our activities.
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