Friday, October 2, 2009

Review for Voices of the Faithful Book 2 compiled by Kim P. Davis

I have always been a huge fan of devotionals. Ever since I was a teenager for some reason I would always find myself drawn to them. Maybe it's because they are easy reads or maybe it's because I find myself easily relating to many of the days devotions. Well, whatever the case this new book has gotten my attention.

The book is called Voices of the Faithful Book 2 (Thomas Nelson, 2009) and it was compiled by Kim P. Davis.

This devtional book is unique in the fact that each devotion is written by different missionaries that are still out doing the work on their God called fields. Each month has it's own theme (May, for example, has the "Follow Me" theme) and all of the devotions deal with following Christ in some way.

Typical to standard devotion fashion they all start out with a verse or two, followed by the devotion and ending with a short prayer.

This is a great devotional however I honestly wished that some of the devotions went a little deeper than they did. With that said though I felt the Lord convict my heart when reading this numerous times!

I think the biggest blessing of the whole book is what I stated earlier. These are written by men and women still out there doing the work, fully involved in the battle for winning souls and changing lives for Christ. It was hard not to find myself convicted for not doing more for Him after reading each day.

If you are a fan of devotional books then I would recommend this one to you!!

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