Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Our week in review 10/5-9/09

I know that I haven't blogged about how school has been going lately but who has the time anymore?! I'm actually glad that I've spent less time on this computer though! All I seem to do anymore is check my email and that's it!

But anyway, our weeks have been great this year! The girls are doing so well in Beyond! They are absolutely LOVING the history portion of it! We just got through unit 4 this week (we are taking things at half speed) and are in our 8th week of schooling. In this unit we learned about the Pilgrims fleeing England for Holland to find religious freedom.

It was great to be able to discuss with the children how blessed we are to be able to go to whatever church we choose and worship God in whatever manner we desired and not have the government interfere...not yet anyway!

When reading about the Pilgrims finally landing in Holland we were given great details from the book about what it looked like when they landed! We then went on the internet to find more pictures of Amsterdam and windmills. Big Sis was so intrigued that she is determined to move there!! I told her that maybe the Lord will have her marry a man who is led to go to Holland to be a missionary.

We also read about some of the food that the Dutch eat (they put mayo on their french fries!) and it was awesome to see all those boats docked along the street edge. Amazing!

One of our activities this week was building a dike out of playdough in a pan to see if it would hold the water on one side of the dike or not. Apparently it is good that we did not help build dikes for the Dutch because ours leaked big time!

We finished up our Helen Keller bio. a week or two ago and plan on doing a very simple play to act out some of the main points of the story. Once we get that finished I'll post it up. We truly loved learning about Helen Keller this year! That is one story that will stay with us all forever!

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