Monday, August 31, 2009

We love books!!

Come to our house on any given day and you will see our library basket overflowing with books!! There are "bookshelves" or book baskets in every room in the house!! We LOVE books!! This is one area that I have tried hard to make routine in our home and although not always perfect we do have our noses in books quite often!

It never ceases to amaze me when one of our infants (they all did this) picks up a book from very early on and begins to look through it and "read" it. What an important habit to instill in these precious ones from the very beginning!

The Bible mentions many times over that the Lord had men write out His words in a "book," Jesus was THE storyteller! Books and storytelling are important to our Lord, they ought to; therefore; be important to us as well.

It is our duty as parents to introduce our children to THE Book first of all and then to good quality books. Books that edify and encourage our children to hold themselves to a higher standard. Books that teach them about the world we live in, about people from times gone by who trusted the Lord in a manner that allowed them to be used to create our great nation. Books about men and women of the faith who gave all to live for their Lord. Books that become a part of who they are. Books that will stay with them and will forever point them to the Cross.

Yes, we love books!

(Okay so maybe the Racecar Alphabet won't do much for him but hey, we all enjoy a not so good for us cookie every once in a while don't we?!)

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  1. Ok, so I'm just now catching up on your blog, but God sent me here today. I so needed the encouragement about reading. My kids read all the time, but I have been a slacker about reading TO them. I have been getting discouraged that they are responding to what I am reading to them. I appreciate what you said about the importance that God puts His book and what books can do for our kids. Thanks for my morning wake up call!


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