Monday, August 31, 2009

10 months old!!

Time has just flown by!! I cannot believe that in just a couple of months our Littlest will be ONE!! Why does time go by so fast?

This month's news:

  • Cut first two teeth!! Middle on bottom! Oh so cute!!

  • Is MUCH stronger on her legs! She is getting to a standing position from a sitting position like a pro!!

  • Shakes her head no when she does something she knows she's not suppose to or when we tell her no!

  • Eats table food! (You would never know this child just now cut those little teeth! She has some powerful gums!)

  • Says "hola" and waves. (She's been doing the latter for quite some time now.)

  • Gives wet and sloppy "besitos" (kisses).

  • Steals our hearts everyday!!
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