Monday, February 6, 2012

Memories of a nightgown.

Quite a few years ago I made Lanie and Ari matching nightgowns. They turned out great and looked so cute on the girls. See the picture? (It's old fashioned...meaning not digital!) :)
Fast forward some years and now this wild one is wearing it and making it look just as cute!!
I love being able to pass down handmade items. They are so meaningful!!

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  1. and the pj are very adorable. My how they have grown. Look at little Sammy.. he is so cute. And now Sofia, then Lily.

    Good job MOMMY

  2. Thanks!! Yeah, Sam was a cute thing!! A part of me wishes I could go back to that time and enjoy those big ones when they were little more than I did! They've grown so fast...


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