Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A sweet gift for a sweet chef.

We recently found a wooden kitchen for our preschooler that we are going to sand down and paint. To go with that gift I have made this little chef's set. I found it here. It is quite easy to sew and turned out very cute! The tutorial is easy to follow so if you're so inclined try it out for yourself!

Can't wait for her to see them!! I'll post a picture of her in these after Christmas some time.

So, what's on your last minute gift giving list?


So she opened the gifts and LOVED them!! Check her out!!

So yes, they were bigger than I thought they would be. I knew they'd be big but I wanted the big girls to be able to use them too. I need to add some velcro to the back of the chef's hat so that I can adjust the size (I was waiting until she opened it to do that so I could add in a sufficient amount. The apron is just plain big but I have enough fabric to make another...I should have guessed that one cause she is so tiny for her age!

Also you can see from the pictures that we haven't found the time to sand and paint the kitchen set. Did I ever mention that life is busy with 5 kids, homeschooling, ministry and running (sort of  :/) a home? We'll get to it. Littlest actually wants blue. I'm thinking of something very soft but that's a project for another time...soon hopefully!

Anyway, these turned out so adorable!! Check out the tutorial!!

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  1. Very cute! I'm sure she will love it!


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