Monday, October 24, 2011

Sam's 6th b-day

So this was Sam's year to have a bday party. Actually his year was last year but we didn't get around to doing anything. I just happened to win a giveaway for some party supplies back in March and let him pick out what he wanted so that we could actually do one this year. He chose a Lego theme. 

I had spent hours looking up ideas for a Lego party and planned to do all sorts of things; I even started on some of it before the baby was born so that I would have a good amount done when she got here. Well, life was too crazy before and after her birth so I didn't get what I had planned done. (Could have used some group help on this thing this year.) :(

Anyway, time was quickly passing and I knew that I had to do something so I went with very simple decorations (see the gigantic Lego man? That's about the most of it) but it turned out quite nice.

Made him a b-day shirt to wear too!!

It was just us with the Youth Pastor's family.

Here they all are!!

I tried so hard to make a cool looking/semi-professional cake. But it didn't turn out that way. I ran out of green icing and poor Jer went to Bi-Lo at 11:30 on a work night to pick up some more food coloring. I almost didn't use this cake but when I asked Sam about it in the a.m. he said it was cool so I sucked it up and used it anyway. It was tasty even though it wasn't nice to look at. Someday I'll get better at frosting these things!

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He got a Cars color changing kit thing. Cool. Very cool.

We also went bowling....I'll post picks of those later. It was cute seeing all those littles in tiny bowling shoes!!! 

 Happy 6th birthday Bud! We love ya.

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