Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Frugal Fall Wreath

Since our family is so big we are always looking for ways to do things frugally. When we go out to eat we are always looking for the least expensive way to feed our group, when we shop we do it frugally by going to thrift shops-you can find some GREAT things at those places! Decorating is no different. I'd been searching blogland for just about anything DIY on the frugal side and came across an adorable Fall Wreath that cost only $3.00! I was instantly interested, read the post and about a week later found myself creating my own Frugal Fall Wreath. You can find the original post at Thrifty Decorating. She's got tons of other great things to read about as well.

Here's how to pull it off:

Gather your items:
Two packs of fall leaves from the Dollar Tree. (Mine came in a combo of red and green and orange and green.)

Large foam core board (also from Dollar Tree), scissors, glue gun and a ruler.
Sorry I had already cut my board out before I thought to take a picture but you all know what a foam core board looks like I'm sure. :)
So as you can see I cut a big ol' square out of the middle of my board. I didn't have any real plan to that, just kind eyeballed it. I did find the middle of the board, marked it and then made sure that my square was even on both halves so that my cut wouldn't be too lopsided one way or the other. You can make your board as big or small as you'd like  just make sure that your square cut-out is even all the way around. If you have questions about this feel free to ask and I'll go back and measure my board for ya.

Then start glueing down your leaves with your glue gun. I glued my layer of green down first since I had so many of that color. If I were to do it again however I would completely cover all white areas with the green leaves and save the brighter orange and red for the top layers. I say this because I had to go back at the end and fill in the white spots with the leftover green since I had only 25 each of the red and orange.
Once you are done with the green layer (imagine all white areas covered by green leaves here) glue down your orange and red leaves anyway you would like. Make sure to cover the board complelety and to hang the outer leaves off the edge of the board a little so that the sides are hidden.

Once you are doing glueing you are ready to hang that beauty up. And what is nice is that this wreath is so light you don't need a large hanger for it. I actually used a teeny tiny suction cup with a small hook because I forgot to purchase a hanger while shopping for supplies. The teeny tiny suction cup is doing fabulous by the way!

I hope that if you try it yours turns out great! And isn't that out of the ordinary square shape just lovely?!!!! 

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  1. what a great project!!! just might give this a try soon! :)



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