Monday, March 28, 2011

First Music Monthly

Music MondayI’ve decided to post a video of the kids and their music once a month to give family an opportunity to see how they are improving….well hopefully improving. My Mom so wonderfully helps out with the cost of the lessons so I also wanted this to be a way for her to see that the money she gives is being put to good use. (Thanks Mom!!)
So, here we are, at our first Monday.

Big Sis has been playing violin for 7 months and has grown to thoroughly enjoy this instrument. She has a great violin teacher who has played for the symphony and is a homeschool graduate herself.

Biggest has played the piano off and on for about three years now. We took some time off here and there when things got tight financially or when she seemed burned out. She has been taking from the same teacher as Big Sis (yes, the teacher plays both instruments) and is also doing a fine job.
The songs that they play for you on Music Mondays are those that they choose because they enjoy them. I hope that you enjoy hearing and seeing them play.

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