Monday, March 21, 2011

Brill Kids, Aesops' Fables Books

The Product:
I reviewed  Brillkids, the software that teaches babies and young children to read, a while back, you can read that review here but today am reviewing some great little books that the have created.

Based on (but adapted) the much loved Aesop's Fables, these beautiful, glossy books are a lot of fun and unique.

Currently selling at $37.50 and if you already own the Brill Kids Little Reader you can download-for FREE-the animated versions of these books to watch and listen to on your screen.

You can read more here.

McMama's Opinion:

I really like these books. I LOVE the added "picture cover" as it helps to keep the focus on the words and not the pictures. This enables children to actually sound out the words, create a picture in their own minds and then have access to a bright and fun picture to complement what was just read.


The print is nice and big, perfect for beginning readers. The font is simple and traditional. Both of my readers are reading above the level of these books and my non-readers are not ready for this yet but they all enjoyed pouring over them. The sentences all rhyme and in my opinion rhyming books are super fun to read and great practice for budding readers.

The price is too steep for our budget but others may have room to add these books to their personal collections.

Here is a picture of the collection that I received for this review.

The Breakdown:
  • Great for beginning readers.
  • Excellent for those who like to read from context clues. When the picture is covered it's all about the words.
  • The reader's animation is a neat tool and great to use as a treat to motivate a child to try to read on his own first.
  • $37.50-the sale price for this collection of books as of the writing of this review.
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