Thursday, May 13, 2010

A sweet hubby and a cute picture

My super wonderful hubby decided to take the kiddos out to eat tonight so that I could listen to the rest of the Schoolhouse Expo without distraction. What an awesome man is he!! Aren't ya jealous!!

He just sent me this adorable picture of Littlest getting ready to dig into a plate of food with WAY too much food on it!! ;) It's funny, it's so quite I kinda miss the noise!!

Although it's tiring at times I'm thankful for a big family!!!

Lovin' Learnin'
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  1. That is TOO funny! At least the plate was full of good veggies! lol!

    Very sweet of him to allow you a little break...hope you enjoyed the homeschool expo and learned lots of cool stuff!


  2. Yes, I did enjoy the expo Alesha! And hubby is very good at doing little things like this for me. I truly am blessed!

    And thanks for commenting!! You and my Mom are almost the only ones who ever do...although Mom hasn't figured out how to comment to the actual blog yet...but she does to the emails.~McMama

    Anyway, thank you for taking a few minutes to respond! It does mean a lot to me!!

  3. Oh my and I believe she can make a good dent on that plate. SHe will be full until she is 2yrs old.

    Love it>>>



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