Monday, January 4, 2010

A blessing from above...

For quite some years now I have always wanted an armoire for our living room. For many reasons however it has always seemed to be out of reach. But this weekend the Lord greatly blessed my little heart! The family had gone down to a little Thrift Shop here in town to drop off some items that we no longer needed. When we walked in I saw not one but TWO armoires sitting there. One was very tall and a beautiful cherry color and the other considerable shorter with a darker walnut colored finish. I immediately went to Jerry and asked him if we could get one. Once inspecting them both he said that he wasn’t really thrilled with either of them….but after a little more “coaxing” from me he said that if the smaller one were a little cheaper that he’d be more apt to get it. Now I am certainly not a negotiator by nature…as a matter of fact I really shy away from trying to bargain a price because I feel uncomfortable doing it but I wanted that thing so bad that I went ahead and asked if they would take any less. They said that they would take a little bit of the price off and we ended up walking out with a very nice armoire for under $40 (and I don’t mean $39.99 like the store ads do when they say that!)
This little event really just thrilled my heart! You see, it may seem kind of vain and maybe even amiss to have asked and longed for an armoire for so many years but I feel that it was just the Lord’s way of saying that even something as silly as an armoire will be supplied by Him to those that He loves if they delight in Him. Now I am by no means perfect…in fact I’m for sure the worst sinner I know…but I love my Lord, try to serve Him wholeheartedly and obey even when it’s hard. Now I know that He won’t always bless materialistically like this but I praise Him for His goodness to me this weekend!! I can’t help but sigh and smile contentedly when I look at our “new living room!”
Here she is.................................
Now for the inside.....I know, our TV is small and not in color but hey, doesn't it look great in there?!
Even though you can't really tell from this picture the kids are just as excited about this thing as I am!!!!

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  1. Pretty! I like that you can hide the tv away when not in use. :D I'm glad you got it because I, for one, feel you deserve it! xo


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