Friday, September 18, 2009

Happy birthday Brother~

It's hard to believe that only 4 years ago the Lord blessed us with our only boy! It's so easy to remember the details! From leaving the girls with some dear friends to getting to the hospital and waiting for what seemed like hours for the epidural. (Actually it was only an hour or two but it felt like an eternity! I'm not good with pain!) He came so fast, was so much bigger than expected and so sweet! He was great, healthy and strong! He peed on the nurse, already had a nice head of hair and a sweet face.
We took him home a couple of days later and he has made us laugh every day! Brother is a character! Always saying silly things, loving juice and his sisters! He was our only thumb sucker and loved his blankie! He had the craziest scoot! He walked late. He was 14 months old and it was Thanksgiving. Grammy, Grandpa, Auntie Jennifer and Uncle Michael were visiting...they got him up and made him walk and walk he did!

He was a happy baby, with that handsome smile and beautiful chocolate eyes! Melts my heart all the time! The Lord has been so good in giving Brother to us to raise! We pray that we raise him to be a strong man. One who loves his God, who puts Him first and leads his family with a sweet spirit and loving heart...but then...

...then I wonder if we are doing enough for him...if we are raising Him as God intended. I often fear that we are not...and I wonder...I wonder about the thoughts of Mary. What could her thoughts have been as she looked into the eyes of her Son. What desires and dreams did she have? Did she even have any? What were her fears, her prayers? I wonder if she worried about failing as well. Then I remember...He was not hers but God's, God's Son! Born to matter what Mary may have dreamt or desired...

No, my son is not mine either, nor is he his father's but he is God's. Am I truly willing to give him right back to God? To let Him have His will and way in Brother's life? Completely? Wholly?

I don't want another year to pass us by without fulfilling some part of God's plan for his life. No matter how big or how small the task...I want what God wants for this child...

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  1. Very sweet! Love the hat, Sam!!! Happy Birthday!! xo

  2. oh, Krissy, I think that's what we mommies all want. it does seem like a daunting task, sometimes, doesn't it?

    I think it just depends on our moment-by-moment obedience to the Father. as we walk in obedience, we do the things that will result in blessing.

    you are doing such a great job. just keep doing the right things day after day. the benefits will be out of this world! : D


  3. Alesha,
    Thank you for your words of encouragment! Such precious truth! "Moment-by-moment obedience." I will remember that! Lord bless you and your precious family!


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