Friday, September 18, 2009

A Celebration

Today we had a busy day! Actually it's been a busy week and I shouldn't even be up doing this right now but I wanted to let you all see how Brother's special day went!

It began with a Birthday serinade from me and his sisters...he didn't like it! We woke him up with our singing and he cried! I hope it wasn't from the sound!

We did some school work and then went to meet Daddy for pizza at Cici's. Check out our photos!

After that we took Biggest Sister to a Doctor's appointement...then, on to the special part! Our children are always asking to go to Chuck E. Cheese but Daddy and I think it's WAAAAAY overpriced so we never go!

Well as we were driving back from Charlotte we got off at the exit and turned toward the Cheese. We could hear the girls in the back begin to whisper excitedly! As we got closer the excitement grew a little louder! We turned into the resturant section where the Cheese is and in Daddy fashion as the whispers got more excited he drove right passed the Cheese and instead went toward the Olive Garden. You could hear the excitment drain from their voices very quickly!

Then Daddy turned around...made his way back toward the much coveted resturant and then...oh joy of joys he turns into the parking lot! The kids were shrieking with excitement! "You're the best parents ever! Biggest shouts! (Are they deprived?)

Enjoy some pictures! And thank you to the family for blessing this boy with some wonderful presents! He loves them all!!!

Excited about Chuck E. Cheese

Still excited!!

Don't remember the name but they loved this ride!

Opening his presents.

Water guns! He's wanted these all summer!

Here's a video from Brother:

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