Tuesday, November 5, 2013

November Birthday Girl

Another birthday post from us! It's so funny how things turn out. Our birthday season starts in August and goes through November, skips December and picks up in January and February. Since we have a family of 7 we alone cover more than half the year! My poor Mom!! :)

Anyway, this post is a spotlight on our 2nd daughter. She just celebrated her 10th birthday yesterday but due to a sick baby I am posting this a day late. 

This girl is as crafty as they come. She LOVES to create and bake. She made her own birthday breakfast of french toast, which she chose and helped to bake and frost her own cupcakes.

She also shares my love of sewing. She is always trying to create something with fabric. It's fun to watch. We let her pick something out from Hobby Lobby for her gift from us and she picked out the coolest Special Occasion Fashion Designer set. It has been thoroughly enjoyed! 
We are so thankful for this 2nd daughter of ours! Love you Ari, Happy Birthday!!!

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