Saturday, February 20, 2010

Charlotte Symphony Lollipops Concert

Way back in November I heard of a group of people going to the Belk Theatre in Charlotte to see a few Symphonies. This excited me because one of them was a Classical Kids show that the girls love! I talked it over with my hubby and we decided that it would be a great idea to take the girls. So we started planning. We purchased the tickets, set the date and kept it all a secret. The day finally arrived and I was glad because I was getting tired of not being able to tell the girls.
Anyway, we didn’t tell the kids what we were doing until we got to Charlotte. Daddy was going to take the little ones to Discovery Place while I took the girls to the Symphony.
I showed Biggest the ticket and told her to read what it said. Upon reading, “Vivaldi’s Ring of Mystery” she got so excited! When I explained to them that it was a show with actors and music they bubbled with anticipation! I was so glad!!
Now they call it a “Lollipops Symphony” because they do a few special things for the little ones. They set up instruments all over the Lobby and the children are allowed to play whatever instruments they choose. It was great to see their faces light up when they were able to handle the violin and table harp!

They also made a small craft-a music maker-and heard some Pre-Show music from a quartet that was awesome! And they also recieve Lollipops when the show is over. Hence, "Lollipops."
After about 45 minutes of browsing all of the areas we went and found our seats. It was so awesome walking in to that beautiful theatre!!! The music, the ambiance, the smell (yes, it had a smell!!) it was all just so exciting!
We quickly found our seats, we were seated in the Orchestra section which is right down front, and waited for the show to start. We weren’t allowed to take pictures during the show but I snapped a few before it begun.

Vivaldi’s Ring of Mystery was great, a little different than the CD which the girls noticed but great none-the-less!
This is something that I will definitely want to do in the future! Maybe a play next time?! Mary Poppins is coming in the fall….we’ll see!!!

Here are a few more pictures...

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