Thursday, January 15, 2009

Well I know that it's been a long time since I've blogged but free time is at a minimum now. We have been busy thoroughly enjoying our newest blessing!! Sofia is growing so much and has brought much joy to our home!!! She is loved by all especially her older siblings!!
She is 3 months old now and can do so much!! She has been smiling since she was just a few weeks old and has been holding that little round head up just about as long!! She is so alert and loves to be talked to and played with. She happily rewards any interaction with a smile!! A beautiful smile at that!! She has very fair skin like her oldest sister Alayna and has dark hair that is turning blonde. She also has the prettiest blue eyes and cute little pointy nose!!! We love every part of that little girl!
Her brother and sisters are constantly showering her with affection as well!! It's often that I hear, "I want to see the baby, no it's my turn!!" "Mommy when can I hold her?!" I'm just glad that they love her!!

Things are busy at the McLean household but we are trying to enjoy every minute of it!! I will try to blog a little more frequently but with so much going on blogging isn't a priority but I'll do my best!!! Take care!! Hope to blog soon!!
And thanks for stopping by!


  1. They are all so sweet!

  2. She's so cute!! I'm a little confused though because I thought her name was Julianna. I guess I heard it wrong as it was filtered down to me. But I love Sofia, it's adorable!


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