Tuesday, July 21, 2009

We've Caught the Sewing Bug!!

Now that the girls have a pair of coulottes under their belts I decided that it was time to really dig in and teach them (and teach them well) how to sew. I found this little gem somewhere in cyberspace: Catch the Sewing Bug! by JoAnn Gagnon(http://www.bunkhousesewing.com/). It looked so great!! It was a while before I bought it but am glad that I did! I also purchased the Sewing & Growing with Jesus devotional guide to use with it. Yes!! A devotional guide for sewing! Isn't that wonderful?!!

I had planned on starting the girls in this at the beginning of July but am just now getting to start! My plan is to have the girls sew with me individually each week. I chose individually because I felt that would be easiest on Mom's nerves!! ;)

I had originally planned to designate some time after supper but I've found that that never happens so today I allowed Big Sister to stay up from rest time to work on her project.

Now, on to the project!!!

The first project we decided to do was the tote bag. The lessons actually start from the very beginning, like teaching them the parts of the sewing machine, threading the machine, supplies ect. but my girls are like me...impatient! They want results!! Forget about all the dry details! (However I will and do explain things to them as we work! And maybe later I will come back and "officially" do those lessons with them but for now...we sew).

All that was required for the bag was one placemat and 1 yard of ribbon. Yes, that's it!! All of the lessons are that simple too!! I know, it's awesome.

Well Big Sis and I set out to work...and work we did!! She did a GREAT job and sewed the entire bag by herself! Under my watchful eye of course! I sat next to her the whole time and at times helped guide her hands and push the pedal. She was about done by the time we got to the handles so I actually finished up those for her. It was better though because that was more "detailed" sewing.

Her little feet couldn't even reach the pedal so out came the big books!

We spent about and hour on this project (including the devotion) and had a great time! The bag turned out GREAT and she loves it!! Biggest Sister can't wait for her turn tomorrow!!! I like the way the bag turned out so much that I'm gonna make one for myself!!

Can you tell that she loves it!
If you are wanting to teach your little girls to sew then I urge you to check these books out!! If you're NOT like me and don't need direction then you may not need these (although the projects are precious and simple!!) But if you need ideas then this would fit the bill nicely!!

They even have one for boys (don't worry, they sew "boy stuff") but I'm not sure Daddy will let that happen...


  1. Wow, Kris. I need to join your class. Scoot over kiddos! :D

  2. Hey--could you bring it to church so I can check it out and see if it would work for my little one?

  3. Rach you can join us anytime!!!
    Sandi-I'll bring the book tonight!!


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